Biomes EP Series Begins!

I’m officially all-in on my latest recording series called Biomes. The Biomes series will be a multi-EP collection of songs written in, and inspired by, various outdoor landscapes. And I’m currently looking to build funding support for this and future projects on Patreon.

Watch the official Biomes intro video on YouTube.

And become a Run Club member/record label backer on Patreon. I’m offering some really cool rewards at super-cheap patron levels.


Recording at Shiloh Studio, Aurora

I had a fantastic time recording yesterday at Shiloh Studio yesterday in Aurora. We tracked (as they say “recorded”) drums for the new Restoration Project album, Firm Foundation.

We owe a great debt to the generosity of Chris Rud, the studio’s owner, who let us use his space for free! Thank you, Chris!

More details about the day, including pictures, coming soon!