I’m Gonna Need Some Help Here

Today marks Megan’s last day of maternity leave. Tomorrow begins my adventures with four-on-one during the day (and Megan’s on days that I work/play/perform evenings).

It’s gonna be a ride.

Over the past six weeks, here’s what we have really learned:

The only way to do life is to do it together, in community.

We have a whole bunch of really good friends and family who have been willing to help out, pitch in, change a diaper, and more. And the only we way we will successfully raise four children is with their help. Especially given the ages of our kids—all five and under—there’s just no way that two parents alone can care for them all sufficiently.

We need God’s help. Compassion. Grace. Patience. Strength. Forbearance.

And, we need you.