Ups and Downs

This morning, I read a post from a friend and fellow songwriter, Michael Drabik (michaeldrabik). Michael is a passionate dude and a great writer; and I’m happy to say I was one of a handful of people who told him to move to NYC a couple years ago to pursue music.

Well anyway, his post was primarily about how musicians are tempted to ride the emotional wave of every performance. One night, the turn-out and response can be amazing. The next, it can be totally dead. We question what we did wrong or how we could have prepared or promoted better. On the worst nights, we wonder why we do it at all.

I think God puts the slow nights there to keep us humble.

The quieter nights remind us that we play, ultimately, for the love of the music and because we feel compelled to.

To echo Michael, the path upward is always a progression of ups and downs.