Track List

1. Wine and Rose
2. You Coulda Been
3. Heal or Wreck
4. Lead Me to Somehow
5. Not Rainin’
6. Whatever it Takes
7. Wondrous Love
8. I Remain
9. Too Deep for Words


About the Album

Released in June 2009, Mathes takes his sound to the next level, enlisting veteran musicians from Nashville and Chicago to pull the project together. The album features songs in a wide range of styles, including acoustic/folk to hard rock. Glimmer features three songs produced by Nashville-based songwriter, Jeremy Casella, and mixed by Mike Odmark, brother of Matt Odmark, guitarist for the band Jars of Clay. The title Glimmer was born out of Mathes’ continued passion to pursue his art as career. The difference on this album? Mathes has jumped all in. On this album, Mathes discovers how to push our musical and spiritual buttons, asking big questions about life and true happiness, while never coming off like he has all of the answers. In fact, he does not, and that becomes evident in the last lyric of the first track: what makes us feel like we belong to something bigger than this… He intentionally lets each listener fill in the blanks. Unlike many other alternative albums of today, that leave audiences wondering if there is even an answer out there (this is the ubiquitous modern question), Mathes gives us a deep sense that there are answers to be found, if only we’d look for them in the right places.


Special Thanks

THANK YOU ALL who have continually supported my music: my dream, my passion, and my purpose. And to my new friends: thanks for joining me for the ride. Soli Deo Gloria.



all songs written by jay mathes
produced and engineered by jay mathes except you coulda been, not rainin, and i remain, produced and engineered by jay mathes and jeremy casella.
mixed and mastered by jay mathes and gary stanton
recorded at the dragon room (wheaton, IL) except you coulda been, not rainin, and i remain, recorded at the map room (nashville, TN).
graphic design by jay mathes
performing rights administered by BMI, Inc.
guitars, vocals, and piano by jay mathes
special thanks to a few friends who made this record possible:
jeremy casella – programming, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, calliope, pump organ, hammond organ, and chamberlin at the map room
kenny hutson – mandolin, mandotar, lap steel, pedal steel
jeff irwin – bass on you coulda been, not rainin, and i remain
ken lewis – hand drum, drums, percussion
karl paulsen – bass
gary stanton – mixing

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