To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade? That is the Question

Reason 7’s Rack Effects and Virtual Instrument Modules

I use Logic Pro for almost all of my recording. I like the interface way more that Pro Tools, and I know all of the key commands, and I love the virtual instruments and plug-ins. I’m currently running Logic Pro 9.1.8, which is, most likely, one of the very last updates to their version 9 software. A while back, I raised a stink about certain features not being in Logic Pro, the lack of updates, and how Propellerhead’s Reason software was constantly being improved, where Apple’s Logic seemed to be stuck inside a major corporation unwilling to innovate for their pro audio users. Enter Logic Pro X. Finally, an update. A big one. But is it worth it?

When Reason 7 came out, I vowed to leave Logic Pro behind, but that hasn’t panned out—at least not yet. I was in the middle of several really big projects (and still am) and had started them in Logic, so it’s difficult to migrate them over—especially to Reason. It’s just such a different kind of animal. Much more analog-like, and definitely in the baby stages of development when it comes to key commands and back end features. Of course, Propheads would say they’ve stripped out the junk that is rarely used and left what is musically useful.

Also know that I exclusively use Reason 7 to create electronic music for Argo the Ship, and I love it for that platform.

But I’m thinking about testing out Logic Pro X to see if the updates are useful enough to make the switch up to version 10. Why? Probably because I’m familiar with Logic and by sticking with it, I don’t have to waste precious minutes learning a new interface. I can spend more time creating instead of fiddling, figuratively speaking. Pro Tools is out. It’s down to Reason 7 and Logic X, both of which I know, use regularly, and love.

Taking the plunge with a trial in mid-November…