Life with Four

As a father of four for three weeks now, I have started to develop some opinions on the matter. In short, life is very much similar to how it used to be three. Right out of the gate, you don’t get any sleep and you already have kids who are full of so much energy that you can’t keep up with them during the day.

But I will tell you one thing that I have learned:

If you are a father of four, you sure as hell better be a family man. Committed to it. Ready to spend every ounce of your energy and every penny in your pocket for your children.

If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, you’re right. It shouldn’t sound appealing to anybody. No one wants to be submissive in this way, humbly putting the interests of others before your own.

But here’s the catch: to the father—to the kind of father who has four children—the cost no longer matters. You love your children to death. And you’ll do anything possible to bring them even just a single grain more of happiness.

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