2014 Grammy Predictions

So I’ve run out of time to make a big, long post explaining how I made my Grammy Awards predictions for tonight. At the end of the day, I’ve made my picks based on the definitions supplied by the Grammys for each category.

I had also wanted to write about how I think some of what the Grammys does today is a joke. Some of the show of it makes it less about the music and more about other things like popularity or beauty or seeming beauty.

But overall, I think the Grammys are important for music today and the music industry, in general. As a songwriter and as a music producer, and as a lover of music, I think it’s good to see what’s popular today, what achievements have come, and come together to celebrate, ideally, the best of the past year in music.

Without any more spiel, here are my predictions for tonight’s Grammys:

Record of the year: Get lucky by Daft Punk
Album of the Year: The Heist
Song of the Year: Same Love
Best new artist: Macklemore
Best pop solo performance: Brave
Best rock performance: My God is the Sun by Queens of the Stone Age
Best rock album: Mechanical Bull by Kings of Leon

{Also, I wanted to do a lot more categories but just ran out of time. These were the ones I got to. There’s always next year.}

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