Kickstarter Funded! Pre-Order the Firm Foundation Series Today

This past Saturday, September 8, 2013, Restoration Project completed it’s Kickstarter Campaign to fund its upcoming recording series, Firm Foundation. I’m excited to announce that our goal of $10,000 was even surpassed, with a combined Kickstarter and cash pledge total of $11,270—all raised in just 30 days. Just unbelievable.

This is an exciting time in history to be an artist. Kickstarter and other, similar websites make it possible for artists to reach new audiences overnight. Other websites, like Facebook and Twitter, allow songwriters like me and like Restoration Project to communicate almost instantly, in real time with fans. And technologies in recording audio, video, computing and photography allow us to create anywhere, more efficiently, for less money, with better quality. We can even host live streaming concert events.

Most backers of Restoration Project’s campaign are friends and family of those involved; but a fair number are people who have recently been introduced to the group for the first time—either through social media, blogs, or Kickstarter itself. We are blessed.

Watch the wonderful video put together for our campaign by Ben Schmanke, above, or visit our full campaign page for more info on the Firm Foundation remade Sunday School songs series.

Pre-Order the Firm Foundation series today in the web store.

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