Thoughts on Kickstarter, My New Campaign, Etc.

I love the idea of Kickstarter. I also hate being a late adopter. Which is part of the reason why you haven’t seen a “campaign” from me yet…

But the biggest reason, actually, why I haven’t done a campaign is that I am afraid of not getting my project fully funded. And that would mean not getting any money at all to use for the next record – even if the project made it to 95%.

The thing is, I have been motivated out of a fear of a lack of support from my closest friends and family and those of you who love the music I write. And for that I am sorry. Please forgive me.

Beginning September 15th, you all will have an opportunity to support me in a new and unique way. By supporting me and the next record financially, you’ll be essentially acting as an old-school benefactor or patron. This sort of an idea to support the arts is not new. It’s been around for centuries. Mozart, Wagner, Liszt, Beethoven. Everybody has had them. The patron system is how music got made.

And, in some circles, this sort of financial giving to support the work of others is not just common, but almost expected. Think: christian missionaries. Do I consider myself to be a missionary of sorts? Absolutely. A missionary of music with a message that can hopefully, in some way, make some sense out of this world that we live in.

Today, we’re seeing a *huge* arts resurgence – especially with music – where artists are reaching out to their fans to support them. It’s huge right now, and it should be. AND, it should continue to be.

I want you to support my music financially. Yes, with money.

And what can I give you in return? Music. And myself. And my deepest thanks. For helping me do what I believe I am meant to do: make music for you.

In just a few, short weeks, I’ll be posting all of the details for how you can support me in the coming year. Thank you, thank you for your support.

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